New Sustainability

We work with the principle that sustainable building is not only a reasonable way to conserve energy, but the only way to shape our environment. For both the individual and the society, there are simply no alternatives to living with the benefits of and profiting from the earth’s natural resources intelligently - not only for the sake of our present, but also for the sake of our future. This is acknowledged by all civil organizations to one extent or another: communities and its denizens, industrial and economic sectors as well as businesses down to the individual energy consumer.

The sustainable approach is playing an increasingly greater role in design and execution, especially when taking into account the economic viability of individual properties or of entire city quarters. In the process, the urban space and its effect on the quality of urban life are of increasingly greater significance for the users.

In light of the impact that the association of effects such as the urban climate, transport infrastructure and the residential environment has on the society as a whole, sustainable design is invaluable in the successful marketing of real estate. Consequently, it is of great relevance for investors as well as the communities and their city quarters.

The DNGB certification system for sustainable building takes this issue into account under the user profile Neubau Stadtquartiere (German for new city quarters).

As a DGNB Auditor and DGBN Consultant, GTL Landscape Architects help guide private investors and public clients towards a DGNB Certificate. We are also involved in DGNB groups, for example for the Neubau Gewerbe- und Industriequartiere (German for new retail and industrial sectors).






Sustainable Calculation 

Rash cost savings in the design concept phase often lead to subsequent costs as decades of operating costs can amount to up to four times the initial investment.

Overview of our services
  • Evaluations with various levels of investigation for efficiency
  • Site inspection
  • Quality evaluation of existing vegetation
  • Preparation of large-scale scaffolding
  • Development of goals with photographic presentations
  • Coordination of execution and maintenance costs
  • Periodic reviews of usage intensity and state of maintenance
  • Optimisation of operating mode if applicable

Sustainable Certification

The DNGB Certification Neubau Stadtquartiere focuses on the premises as a whole. As accredited DGNB Auditors and DNGB Consultants, we guide our clients through all phases of the project.

Overview of our services
  • Pre-assessment of the project in accordance with DGNB criteria
  • Control and analysis as required by DGNB
  • Trend-setting tips on the optimisation of the certification process
  • Coordination and documentation of the verification requirements
  • Moderation in the (multidimension) certification process
  • Consultation and audits during construction
  • Final project audits
  • Compilation of certificate documents

Sustainable Consultation

A thorough consultation process begins with the project’s fundamental concept and ends with its removal – this covers a time span of at least 15 to 20 years. We support our clients throughout this timespan.

Overview of our consultation services
  • Promote sustainability as a marketing and sales tool
  • Existing site process planner and construction overseer
  • High quality adaption of project goals with state of the art adjustments
  • Quality control of materials and execution techniques
  • Calculation and update of essential economical sustainability performances

Sustainable Design

Twenty years of experience has sharpened our focus on our mission of sustainability. Our team of specialists in their fields pays close attention to sustainable developed open space.

Further information
  • Two office locations (Kassel/Düsseldorf) and over 200 projects
  • Twenty years of national and international design and execution
  • Participation and moderation: planning as social and community projects
  • Choice of sustainable products in accordance with the epd (environmental product declaration)

GTL provides the CO2 balance and the life cycle costs for distinctive parameters of open space projects as a basis for decision-making.

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